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Personal Profile

You and I are familiar with the idea of ‘profiling’, usually on the basis of a ‘personality analysis’ in a business context but we also hear about ‘profiling’ being done by the security and intelligence services to identify potential threats.

But what about the concept of a multi-dimensional profile?

You have one.

I have one

Everyone has one

A ‘dimension’ is just a concept.

It helps us to understand the Universe and how it ‘works’ – dimensions as such don’t really ‘exist’ in their own right.

The dimensions are explained in more detail in “Life Mastery Matters” which you can find on the Life Mastery UK website ( but here’s a quick definition.

The 1st Dimension is just a ‘point’ – an infinitesimally small point – in fact it cannot have any ‘size’ otherwise it would be two-dimensional.

The 2nd Dimension has only length and height – it is ‘flat’ such as a picture or image.

The 3rd Dimension symbolises the physical existence of ourselves and all the objects we deal with.

The 4th Dimension has been described – as the ‘space-time continuum’ or as ‘awareness’, ‘consciousness’ or ‘thought’.

The 5th Dimension is primarily to do with energy and is the first dimension of the Soul outside of time and space

Beyond this there are further dimensions but that’s another story – we can only get as far as the 5th (as far as we knew now!)

Now here’s the thing.

You and I are 3rd dimensional beings inhabited by a 5th dimensional being – our soul, spirit or conscience/consciousness, and the relationship between the two exists in the 4th dimension.

To help understand all this we can draw up three personal profiles:

Our third dimensional profile is our physical profile – it’s all about the body and all the functions of the body and how it works – it’s what you get when you go for a full medical checkup that measures everything.

Our fourth dimensional profile comes from one of the many ‘personality profile’ analyses, most of which are based on C G Jung’s theory of four basic personality types.

It attempts to explain how we think, how we ‘work’ and how we interact with others.

The only problem with this is because Jung’s theory is effectively ‘out of copyright’, there are as many different interpretations as there are analysts, ascribing different names letters and ‘colours’ to each of the four traits and also subdividing them into deeper and deeper levels.

In summary though the fourth dimensional analysis is really about how we think about things, how we perceive the three-dimensional world around us.

Our fifth dimensional profile is a bit different in that it describes in some detail who we really are, where we came from – ‘where we’re coming from’ – on a spiritual or ‘soul’ level.

This is a relatively new technique and as a practitioner I am finding that it provides some profound and really useful additional information.

Together with the 3rd and 4th dimensional profiles the 5th dimensional profile provides you and I with a complete picture of ourselves.

Which is fine if –

If we use all this valuable information as a basis for action, as a basis for achieving our visions of who we want to be and what we want to do.

If we use the tools and follow the guidance that comes along with each level of analysis.

And of course, if you and I have our visions in the first place and have set our intentions accordingly.

Now that sounds simple but sometimes, as you and I well know, it isn’t.

It’s where the difference between easy and simple comes in – it sounds simple, but it’s not always easy.

Sometimes its quite difficult to take the action required, and sometimes it’s really difficult to go down the ‘diy’ route and attempt it all ourselves – even though that can be tempting.

“I can fix this” doesn’t always work or if it does it can take a lot of time and money.

Most people are happy with the idea that if their 3rd dimensional profile shows up problems with their physical existence they can go to a ‘healer’, usually a doctor of medicine, and get it repaired, or go to an exercise class or engage a personal trainer to improve their physical condition.

But sadly, when it comes to our 4th and 5th dimensional profiles the situation is different in that there is very little awareness or understanding of how similar action can be taken.

(Besides the fact that most people don’t even know that they exist in those dimensions!)

Our 4th dimensional profile is largely a result of the network of pathways we’ve built in our brains over the years (most of them in the very early years) which determine the way we think and perceive the world around us.

Up until quite recently it was believed in the scientific community that, once set up, these pathways could not be changed, but thanks to research done into autism, this has been proved wrong.

The way you and I think can be changed, can be brought up to date and can be ‘upgraded to ‘fix the bugs’ in our thinking and perception.

But, unlike the 3rd dimension, not by ‘traditional medicine’.

It’s done by holistic therapies, including hypnotherapy, that deal with the mind and body together on the one hand and by transformational (or ‘life’) coaching on the other – and there are exercises we can do, usually involving some form of meditation.

Specialist techniques such as Energy Healing and Marisa Peer’s Rapid Transformational Therapy (RTT) can also be deployed.

Dealing with issues that may arise from our 5th dimensional profile is in its infancy but one thing we do know is that it’s important to clear any issues with the 4th dimension before we can work on the 5th.

The techniques used there can be refocused to deal with who we are rather than how we think but we still need some additional help.

When you have a 5th dimensional profile analysis done the practitioner will be able to clear some of the issues for you – a technique known as Soul Realignment developed by Andrrea Hess. Similarly, a practitioner in the Hawaiian ritual of Ho’oponopono as implemented by Dr Ihaleakala Hew Len, can perform a similar service. Both of these are carried out remotely but may include some exercises that you can do yourself.

In addition, Kathy Maslowski in the UK has developed a process of 5th Dimensional Healing which is an extension of the holistic therapies used in treatment of 4th dimensional issues. This is a hands-on treatment that successfully integrates non-medical treatment of issues in all three dimensions.

Most reputable life coaching programmes will also help to address ‘who you are’ as well.

Is it time for a multidimensional profile check-up?

Warning: It could ‘change’ you!