‘Reach for the Sky’

‘Reach for the Sky’ 150 150 Ben Coker

‘Reach for the Sky’

This was the title of a film many years ago about WW2 fighter pilot Douglas Bader who lost both legs in a crash. He was told he’d never fly again but he wasn’t having any of that.

Bader rehabilitated himself over a short period of time and was soon flying in combat again.

Now we have the story of a young man called Billy Monger (Billy Whizz), a junior racing driver who similarly lost his legs in a crash.

Such is his passion for racing that he repeated Bader’s achievement, rehabilitated himself, and is back pursuing his passion for motor racing.

Likewise, another racing driver, this time at the Formula 1 level, has ‘come back’ after a massive injury that nearly severed his right arm. Robert Kubica (‘koo-bit-za’ to pronounce the Polish properly) has returned to race at top-level next season.

There are thousands of others who have overcome physical difficulties of one sort or another to compete in sport at events like the Paralympics and Invictus games after being told that they would ‘never be able to do that again’.

And it’s not just about losing limbs or suffering other physical damage.

I know personally one woman who, having been given a few months to live because of kidney disease, succeeded in repairing her one remaining kidney and bringing it back to normal health – she is still going strong nearly 50 years later.

Another woman has been twice diagnosed with cancer – each time, she has succeeded, by herself, in eliminating it completely.

And then there’s Stephen Hawking who lived on for some 40 years beyond what the medical profession considered possible.

How does this work?

Perhaps the answer to that question is another – why does this work?

It’s not ‘positive thinking’, ‘mindfulness’, meditation or anything ‘mystical’ or occult as some people would have us believe.

It’s all about vision, passion and the will to realise the vision you are passionate about.

And by will I don’t mean ‘will power’ – our will to do something or achieve something is driven or powered by our vision and passion – ‘will’ doesn’t power or drive itself.

You and I can have the will – or intention – to do or achieve something, but we’re not going to do anything without vision or passion.

They ‘go together’ as well – neither is much good without the other.

There’s a fourth element in the mix, though, without which nothing will happen.


It doesn’t matter how much will, passion or vision we have, nothing happens without action.

Sometimes that’s physical action, and at other times metal or spiritual action.

Sometimes its action taken by us, at other times its action performed for, with, or on us by others.

So what action did all these people take to ‘heal’ themselves in the way they have?

Physical damage can be repaired (as was the case with Kubica’s arm, up to a point), prosthetic ‘parts’ can be added or an environment can be created, as it was for Hawking, in which we can operate satisfactorily.

‘Faulty’ or diseased parts can be removed by surgery and various therapies and interventions can be applied to deal with so-called ‘mental’ problems.

I say so-called because many perceived ‘mental’ problems are simply the case of an individual not behaving ‘normally’. There are of course some real mental malfunctions that are more difficult to deal with – at least at this level.

I would classify all this as 4th dimensional conventional medicine – it’s at the ‘awareness’ level – being aware of the 3rd dimensional damage that has occurred.

It can ‘fix’ but not necessarily ‘resolve’ the problem.

It has been the first step for all the people I have mentioned.

What is it that causes these people to go beyond this and ‘reach for the sky’?

What is it that has enabled these people to achieve their vision and fulfil their passion?

It goes beyond the 4th dimensional work into the 5th dimension of healing – the dimension of belief and understanding.

And like the 4th dimension we need to take action and we need others to help us with that action.

To help us understand what is going on and to believe in what is possible and achievable.

All the vision, passion, will and action will lead us nowhere unless we understand and believe in what we are doing.

Unless we understand how the effective combination of mind, body, spirit and higher power can help us take the right action at the right time to ‘make things right’ for us in terms of our vision and passion

To empower us to take the action that we need to take to reach for the sky.

You can do it ‘by yourself’ – if you understand what you are doing, but, as with most personal or business enterprises or projects it always helps to get guidance and assistance from outside.

This is where coaches and therapists, sometimes called ‘healers’, come in.

Most of the people I listed before had ‘someone else’ helping them – partly because the action they had to take was ‘hard work’, and partly because they needed to ensure that they were taking the ‘right’ action in line with their passion and vision.

The ‘right’ way or the ‘right’ action is not always, rarely in fact, the quickest or easiest.

This process, carried out by ourselves with the help of therapists and coaches, is what Kathy Maslowski (‘maslovski’ – more Polish pronunciation) calls “5th Dimensional Healing” and it goes way beyond, whilst adding to, 4th dimensional ‘conventional’ medicine.

It’s also very different in that most 4th dimensional treatments have been evolved from or rely on some sort of ‘scientifically’ proven theory, whereas the 5th dimensional work is based on practice, experience, belief and understanding.

There is (as yet) no scientifically proven theoretical basis to it but, it works – and it works more reliably than many of the theory-based treatments we are used to.

But it’s not just for people who have been ‘damaged’ in some way.

You and I can use the techniques in 5th Dimensional Healing to help us to discover and build our visions and passions, and to take the actions we need to take to bring them into reality.

Understand and believe.

Clarify your vision and passion.

Set your intention.

Take action.

Reach for the sky!