State of Mind

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State of Mind

Last week I talked about balancing different areas of our lives to help avoid anxiety and stress caused by things getting out of kilter.

It may sound odd, but the state of our lives is one thing, the state of our minds is another.

In a way, our minds are not really part of our life – state of mind exists alongside state of life.

Bear with me on this – I’m planning that at some point it will make sense (for you and for me)!

Science would tell you that your mind resides in your brain; but it cannot tell you what your ‘mind’ is.

In a live brain scan the mind can be seen at work – expressed by a myriad of electrical impulses going on all the time.

It has been said that these ‘must be’ thoughts – some conscious, some unconscious and some automatic.

But there’s no ‘scientific proof’ of any of this (yet) and it doesn’t really cover the other neural activity that goes on in the body such as in the Solar Plexus.

My take on it is that the ‘mind’ is distributed throughout and around the body and concentrated in certain areas which some people refer to as the Chakras (some of which are inside and some outside).

I also understand four functional areas – three of the ‘mind’ and one of the brain/body, this latter being known as the ‘reptile’ or primitive brain which is responsible for key functions of physical survival and not really part of the ‘mind’.

You and I don’t make conscious decisions to take every breath, but we can make conscious decisions not to – up to a point.

Most people understand the subconscious and conscious minds, but then there’s the superconscious mind which some people might refer to as the Spirit, or the Soul and which is our connection with the Universe, God or whatever you want to call it such as The Force.

Not many people have a full understanding of the Soul or Spirit and that includes many members of all religions.

“Who is this God person anyway?” asked Douglas Adams in ‘Hitch Hikers Guide to the Galaxy’. The Bible clearly states ‘God is Love’ but nowhere does it make it absolutely clear that God is a ‘person’ even though (for the sake of translation probably) God is referred to as ‘He’.

There is only one ‘God’, only one Universe – even though there are ‘alternate universes’. Let me explain.

Consider a Rubik cube and let’s say that the whole of existence, the Universe, is a single unique Rubik cube. That cube can exist in alternate states as the individual facets are rearranged – and if we remove the concept of time which is only an artificial construct to help understand things anyway – then those alternate states of our universal Rubik cube can exist simultaneously – as alternate universes.

But there is still only one cube, one Universe.

The one in which you and I exist right now.

But what has this to you with my state of mind and yours?

It’s all about alignment.

Alignment of our levels of thinking, consciousness and energetic vibration.

Let’s start at the ‘top’.

Alignment of our superconscious depends on our level of vibration. Conscious thought exists in the 4th and 5th dimensions as I’ve explained previously and as we reach the 6th dimension, thought becomes superconscious and in full alignment with the Universe.

Very few people achieve that level. The Dalai Lama may be one of them and Jesus of Nazareth, Buddha, Mohammed, Moses and Abraham probably others.

Dr David Hawkins described 17 levels of consciousness and the emotions, thought processes and life-view attached to each one.

Your level of consciousness on this scale really describes how aligned you are with the Universe and also how well your thoughts are aligned with each other.

The vast majority of people, probably around 87%, exist in the lower half of this scale while around 3% are towards the top of the upper half with the remainder probably including you and I somewhere around the middle.

At the ‘top’ people have begun to recover some of the ‘lost powers’ of the mind such as the ability to communicate with the spirit world, telekinesis, telepathy, control of lifespan and so on. Powers that would have them executed not that long ago and maybe still do in some parts of the world.

In the lower half, individuals’ alignment within themselves and with the Universe is practically non-existent.

They are easily manipulated, gullible, inconsistent, always looking for an easy answer (often to questions that don’t really exist), seeing things in ‘black and white’, following a ‘herd instinct’ by wishing above all else to be ‘normal’.

They frequently hark after the past and the ‘good old days’ when things were ‘simple’ and similar romanticised views of the world.

Most of all they are both out of balance in their life and out of alignment within their mind. The conscious and the subconscious aren’t working in harmony leading to depression either from stress about whatever is happening or not happening to them or the fact that nothing is happening and their lives are horribly stagnant.

The difference between this group and those in the upper half of the scale is the difference between knowledge and understanding, and it arises from the focus in most education systems on the acquisition of knowledge in preference to its application and understanding.

It’s a curious fact that you and I don’t really need all the knowledge in the world to be able to understand how the world works – and often the thirst for knowledge can inhibit understanding.

The 87% ‘know’ but they don’t fully understand and this keeps them out of alignment and out of balance.

Because they think they ‘know’ they aren’t in the personal growth zone and they aren’t open to it. It’s foreign to them and the last thing they want is anything to do with anything ‘weird’ or ‘foreign’ that they haven’t been officially ‘informed’ about at ‘school’ or through the ‘media’ or just by someone else like them – someone ‘normal’.

The 3% are beyond all this – they understand where they are on the ‘evolutionary’ scale. They can see the light at the end of the tunnel. The light of ‘enlightenment’.

They have in process exactly what needs to be done to finally solve the Rubik cube and reach full balance and full alignment with themselves and the Universe.

What of the 10%?

You and I know that we don’t know, and we understand that we don’t understand.

We know we have work to do.

To balance our life map and vision and to align our thinking so that our subconscious, conscious and superconscious minds work harmoniously together.

We call that personal growth or personal development and that isn’t just about learning new stuff and going on courses or retreats or seminars or workshops – even though we continue do that.

It’s about making sense of it all, applying the knowledge and understanding and getting our lives into balance and our minds – all three of them – into alignment with each other and eventually with the Universe.

If you’d like to know more about how to determine your vibrational rate or where you might be on the Hawkins scale book a (free) clarity call with me – or wait for my next book!