‘Awaken the Species’

‘Awaken the Species’ 150 150 Ben Coker

‘Awaken the Species’

In 2017 Neale Donald Walsch published a fourth book in his trilogy ‘Conversations with God, written some years earlier.

The title was as above – ‘Awaken the Species’.

We live, as the Chinese would say, in ‘interesting times’.

There is much confusion going on in the world about the state of the planet, the state of politics and global ‘business’, and how people don’t seem to be able to make sensible democratic decisions based on fact now that the media in all its forms has made so many different ‘facts’ available.

Walsch’s book makes the point that there is a need for people to ‘wake up’.

To wake up to Who They – or We – Really Are. (Capitals intended).

The vast majority of people are asleep.

Asleep to the realities of the Universe –

That the universe consists entirely of energy and space

That everything, everything is simply energy vibrating in different patterns and at different frequencies.

That ‘We’ as Souls, are infinite beings inhabiting a corporeal body, although Walsch argues that the body is actually within the soul and the soul surrounds the body – hence the appearance of an ‘aura’ to those who can see or feel it.

But the most important statement, repeated frequently in Walsch’s books is that ‘there is only one of us’,

We as ‘humans’ and every other living thing and even inanimate object are all part of the ‘One’, the Universe itself, and that there is no ‘separation’ between ‘man’ and God (or whatever name people choose), Spirit, the Force, Source or whatever ‘higher power people choose to believe in.

Could I ask you to take that as a ‘given’ for the purposes of this insight?

If you’ve not read ‘Conversations with God’ I highly recommend it. It has nothing to do with religion as such and is relevant to all beliefs including atheism.

As long as the vast majority of people, probably around 97% of the global population remain ‘asleep’ to this concept we as a species will never be able to evolve further.

Right now we (most people) are ‘stuck’ in a paradigm that says we are at the height of our evolution, as advanced as we can get, in control of our destiny, even admitting that there are a few ‘adjustments’ to be made in the way we behave towards the planet that supports us.

The thing is that we are not.

Even though most ‘science’ will say that we are in the last five minutes of our evolutionary progress, Walsch proposes that we are only in the first and that, as a species, we have a long way to go and will eventually evolve out of the need for physical bodies to support us.

We are destined to become what he calls HEBs or highly evolved beings who no longer require physical form but may from time to time take it.

He also proposes that we have actually regressed. We possess many powers that we no longer know how to use.

Controlling our lifespan, telekinesis, telepathy and so on as well as powers that many people are beginning to rediscover such as energy healing and mediumship.

But the majority are stuck.

They may just be ‘asleep’ and blissfully unaware of what they could be and do, or they may just not be listening, too preoccupied with all the ‘stuff’ that goes on in our corporeal world.

The ‘spiritual community’ in which I include besides those involved in complementary healing, many people involved in personal growth coaching and inspirational personal development often subscribe to the idea that we are changing the world ‘one person at a time’.

We are – but it’s not going to be fast enough.

The ‘sleepers’ will have destroyed our supportive environment or inflicted so much damage that it will become untenable long before we’ve got though that ‘one at a time’ process.

Whilst many people are attempting to prevent this degradation there are just as many doing the opposite and many of the things that are being done are in isolation or counterproductive.

Those of us who are awake, who are aware need to do something more.

And those who are ‘not listening’ need to open their ears and start to take action and get involved with the requirement to awaken the sleepers to the realities of what is going on.

Too many people are of the opinion that ‘there is nothing we can do about it’ (whatever ‘it’ is) and just accept what is being done by those who are ‘asleep’.

It’s a big ask but unless those of us who are ‘awake’ get the others to open their eyes soon then we will all be held back from our true evolutionary destiny.

You see, we all have to evolve, not just 3% of us.

So if you are awake, which you probably will be if you’re reading this, it’s time to wake up the others.