The Magic of Believing

The Magic of Believing 150 150 Ben Coker

The Magic of Believing

This title comes from a book published in 1948 by Claude M Bristol but the inspiration comes from Napoleon Hill’s phrase “Whatever the mind can conceive and believe, it can achieve” and Wallace D Wattles’ phrase “A thought is a substance, producing the thing that is imagined by the thought.”.

Mary Morrissey summarises these in her saying “Everything is created twice”.

The thing is that fundamentally, thought is simply energy vibrating in a particular way at a particular frequency.

Everything in the Universe is energy and thought is merely a channel by which that energy can be transformed from one thing or one state into another.

There are other channels, but thought, although not exclusive, if usually the prime mover.

You and I are energy, each of us demonstrating and appearing as a specific form, which we change or allow to change.

Mary’s statement is a good starting point – we think of something and then we create it – after all, we don’t suddenly create a cup of tea without first thinking that we’ll have a cup of tea. The drink is first created by the thought and then brought into being by a series of actions that require further thoughts and transmissions of different forms of energy.

Apply that to the statements by Wattles and Hill and they become significantly easier to understand!

The statements by Morrissey and Wattles are matter of fact, but Hill’s words include the catalyst that allows for the truth of the others.

You see, things don’t just happen!

We don’t just think about a boiled egg and there, all of a sudden, is a boiled egg – we have to do something, we have to manipulate energy in a certain way, for the boiled egg to come into being.

For a start we have to get an egg!

What if we didn’t believe we could get an egg?

What if we didn’t believe we had the means and knowledge to boil it?

Simple – no boiled egg.

However much we ‘thought’ about it and however much we desired it.

No belief – no boiled egg – period.

So what is ‘belief’, how do we come to ‘believe’?

Believing of course is just another thoughtform, just another energy pattern, just another channel.

But it is absolutely crucial to the process of creation.

Whether we wish to create a cup of tea or a loving relationship or a new lifestyle.

Whether we desire a new car or a new home or anything else.

Once you and I have conceived an idea it is vitally essential to also create the absolute belief in that idea or to build up any ‘mild’ belief’ (the ‘could’ and the ‘might’ and the ‘maybe’) that we may already have.

But what is ‘absolute belief’?

How do we generate it?

The answer is through our feelings and through the senses that drive our feelings.

Feelings are demonstrated physically – we feel in our heart, or in our gut rather than in our mind although that does play a part in transforming the information we get from our senses into the physical manifestation of the feeling, whether it be love or fear or any variation of those such as desire or anger or gratitude and so on.

Dr. David Hawkins describes feelings on a scale of energetic vibration and we often ‘feel’ these in the areas of our bodies where the main chakras are located – hence the ‘gut’ and ‘heart’ feelings.

This is all very well, but how do you or I ‘make it happen’?

Most coaches and therapists would say ‘visualisation’ and the response is often “Oh no, I can’t visualise” (You’d probably be surprised how many people say that) but Bob Proctor has a better word.


It’s what it says on the tin – engineering your vision. But it’s not just about the one sense, it’s about all of them and it’s about ‘ordering’ your ‘vision’ creating a tangible belief about whatever it is that you desire.

Back to the boiled egg.

When you first conceive of the idea of having a boiled egg your senses immediately kick into gear, because you already believe in that boiled egg.

You can see it, taste it, smell it as you crack it open, feel yourself doing that, hear the sound and feel and taste it as you put it in your mouth, you may even start to salivate ready for the egg.

But you’ve not even picked up the egg yet.

All this is based on your absolute belief in the boiled egg.

You didn’t have to start by ‘visualising’ – you already have the belief. That’s the ‘magic’ of believing.

That demonstrates how your belief in your concept is created – you just imagine what it will look like, the colour, the texture, the sounds and feelings associated with it when it is brought into being.

All the different feelings that you’ll have and all the sensations that will create them.

Now, associate these with the concept – the desire that you’ve conceived, the goal that you’re ‘working on’.

Associate those feelings with a few words or a symbol and put them on a card that you can carry with you at all times – encapsulate your belief feelings, your ‘vision’ into physical form, so that when you pick up or touch the card they all come to you and your belief in your concept grows and grows.

You don’t have to be too specific about the minute details of the final manifestation of your concept, but you do have to be specific and convinced about the feelings you’ll get when it all happens.

And you can always add Mary Morrissey’s ‘disclaimer’ at the end of your goal statement:

“This or something better”