‘Eve of Destruction’

‘Eve of Destruction’ 150 150 Ben Coker

‘Eve of Destruction’

Fifty or so years ago Barry McGuire had a hit with this song written in 1964 by P F Sloan.

Much of it is still relevant today, although at the time most people were fearful of the huge threat of nuclear war and the consequent post-apocalyptic disruption.

This has faded a bit although ex  Soviet Union President Gorbachev thinks it is still a possibility, warning that the whole nuclear arsenal should be destroyed.

Focus has shifted in the years after the song was written to other matters, but if Sloan, who died in 2015, was still around he might come up with a new version – or maybe someone else could write a few more verses.

People are concerned about many things that threaten the destruction of the planet, or more to the point the destruction of humanity – the planet itself is not going to disappear, just change, as it has done many times in the past.

‘Earth’ has not always been this way – some people seem to forget this – and ‘life’ evolves rather than remaining ‘static’.

We will evolve, not necessarily in human form, but ‘we’ will evolve and move on to the next stage of our universal soul existence which Neale Donald Walsch describes as ‘HEBs’ or Highly Evolved Beings.

Energy – which we are – cannot be created or destroyed.

There can be no ‘destruction’ from that point of view.

Just change or transformation into, as Mary Morrissey would put it, ‘something better’.

I write this at the eleventh hour of the eleventh day of the eleventh month. A time every year for remembrance and new beginnings.

Although the remembrance element is often given stronger emphasis, new beginnings is just as important.

Remembrance on this occasion is rightly about the sacrifices people made, but ‘remembering’ has a side-effect of leading to nostalgia and often fantasy about ‘the good old days’, the ‘way things were’ and so on.

People start to desire to return to a time when they imagine things were ‘better’ than they are now – forgetting of course the technological advances, the economic advances and the healing of wounds between nations that have occurred within the last 100 years, despite continuing conflict.

Memory is one thing, nostalgia is another.

Nostalgia corrupts memories of what really happened, what things were really like.

It’ a strange phenomenon that when people envisage the past, they see the ‘good’ side; but when they imagine the future, they always seem to look at the ‘worst case scenario’ – being at the eve of destruction.

Well, we’ve been ‘there’ before, but it never happened.

That’s not to say that negative circumstances will arise, nor to look at the future through the legendary rose-tinted spectacles, but the future is unlikely to be as bad as some people, often in their own personal interests, would have us believe.

You see, things are changing, ‘we’ are changing, albeit slowly, albeit one person at a time, but we are changing, we are evolving.

And here is where the past and present get mixed up again.

Individuals, individuations of spirit, here and there are rediscovering parts of our spiritual nature that have been repressed or forgotten.

People are re-learning powers, skills and knowledge that were once common.

The ability to channel spiritual energy, to manage lifespan, to manifest – things that the ‘authoritative religions’ were prone to describing as ‘witchcraft’ but are now seen as ‘holistic’ or alternative therapy, personal growth and ‘self-development’.

That may be a bold statement, but as more and more people become interested and involved in this, and indeed in technological developments and different ways of doing things, in new means of communicating and so on, there is only one inevitable consequence and that is evolution.

You and I are evolving, whether we know it or not.

Every time we learn and understand something new, we evolve, every time we see things in a different way, a new way, we evolve, every time we learn a new skill, we evolve.

Of course, some people resist this, they refuse to take on new, or different, ideas. They are fixed in the ‘right’ way of doing things and of thinking about things, they are closed minded and they only seek out information or opinion that they already know or agree with.

Anything else is ‘wrong’, ‘a scam’ or ‘fake news’. They want things to stay the same – or go ‘back’ to when things were ‘better’.

That’s a shame, because as in Arthur C Clarke’s sci-fi novel ‘Childhood’s End’ which has a similar message to Walsch’s ‘Awakening of the Species’, they are liable to be ‘left behind’ as you and I move on to a higher state of being.

The secret to this is learning, but not just the accumulation of knowledge and its understanding.

The secret is the application of that learning because without application and action it really doesn’t matter what we ‘know’.

But people often have difficulty taking this step. It interferes with their ‘busy-ness’ (in whatever sense we understand that) so this is where the ‘helpers’ come in.

The ‘helping industry’ as Peter Thomson describes it, are those who teach, coach, mentor and train others to apply and act on their knowledge. It also includes the therapists who physically and mentally help people to move on from their current state in other ways.

As I have said previously there is only one of us in Universal terms, so it makes a great deal of sense that, in these ways, we help each other to evolve.

By helping each other we can surmount, in some way or other, any so-called ‘destruction’ that may befall us.

Who is helping you?

Who are you helping?