The Power of Money

The Power of Money 150 150 Ben Coker

The Power of Money

Money makes the world go around” sang Liza Minelli and Joel Grey in the 1972 film ‘Cabaret’- from a musical play written in 1960 set in pre-war Germany.

The musical has a ‘dark side’ set against a background of the recovery from the dire financial straits of the country and the Nazi takeover and in a way is a warning.

A warning about the connection between money and power.

In David Hawkins paradigm ‘Levels of Consciousness’ (‘Power vs Force’, 1985) money is more an instrument governing the lower (Force) levels of energetic vibration.

Once you or I achieve the higher Power level, money just becomes a lubricant rather than our primary concern, simply, as Peter Thomson would put it, “the silent applause for a job well done”.

For most people though, money, or the lack of it, is a major preoccupation, maintaining a certain level of income, or increasing it, is a key driver in their lives and a benchmark for their lifestyle.

How does this ‘work’ and what does money have to do with truth as I alluded to last time?

Money is an instrument of control, control by the state and control by corporate business – and control is a key component of force.

We are constantly controlled, unless we have reached our own level of power over ourselves, to do what ‘society’ desires or requires us to do.

This is often expressed as being ‘normal’, and allowing our freedoms of time, thought and movement to be controlled by others.

Those who don’t ‘fit’ into the ‘normal’ schedule are seen as rebels, non-conformists, misguided or in some way ‘mentally ill’ and the rest of the population is encouraged to see them as ‘different’ or ‘unwanted’ and a ‘threat’ to be sidelined or ‘removed’ from society.

What has this to do with money?

The ‘world economy’ is fuelled by money, the movement of it from one organisation to another and their respective control of it.

On the one hand the states and corporations are concerned with maximising their ‘supply’ of money and on the other the ‘people’ are encouraged to be ‘economic’ and not spend or have too much.

The result is that most of the world’s money supply is in he hands of a few states and corporations.

Not all states have a lot of money and not all corporations – just the big global ones, and they compete with each other for ultimate control – or in other words ultimate power over the rest of us.

States levy taxes, ostensibly to pay for improvements in the life of their citizens, but some citizens are more important than others, and they are often allied with global corporate business in this context.

This is where manipulation of the ‘truth’ comes in.

These days there is very little difference between propaganda and advertising, both are instruments of manipulation.

Manipulation of the ‘people’ to go along with the ambitions of the global states and corporations.

The human mind is highly suggestible and so the constant repetition of certain ideas and the depiction of certain lifestyles (through popular drama, advertising and ‘reality TV’) encourages an image of normality that those who wish to control people, desire them to become ‘familiar’ with.

The mind always moves towards the familiar and away from the unfamiliar and so depicting a lifestyle that people should ‘want’ and feel ‘normal’ about, if done over and over again, is a means of conditioning people to a state where money becomes the key driver.

I know this is getting a bit ‘deep’ but the whole ‘money-power-truth’ conundrum is so subtle and insidious that it becomes very difficult to explain – but that’s the whole point isn’t it?

Let’s just lift into the ‘Power’ dimension on the Hawkins scale or as Esther Hicks would put it the ‘high flying disc’ (‘Co-Creating at its Best’ – Wayne Dyer & Esther Hicks).

At this level the things we do and the services we provide are more important that the money we receive in return.

They and their quality both for the provider and the recipient are our driver, not the money we may receive in return.

But at the ‘lower level’ it’s all about the money. The amount people receive is more important to them than what they do or how they do it.

‘Shareholders’ profits’ are more important to the big corporation than the quality or efficacy of the products and services they provide. ‘Customers’ are simply income streams.

It’s the same with the ‘World Power’ states and some of the others as well, when taxpayers’ money is used for grandiose schemes that make the state ‘look good’ rather than health care or education.

Lip service is paid, but when it comes to the crunch it always seems that budgets are cut rather then increased.

People are fed the ideas about ‘the way things are supposed to be’ and how this might be achieved to have them in a mindset that accepts the movement of the incomes they receive towards the global organisations and states.

’Making America (or Britain) Great Again’ and the money spent on doing that doesn’t help the citizenry – and neither does it achieve that object, except in the eyes of those who are making money out of it.

The way money is managed through the banking system obfuscates everything as well. It’s difficult to follow what money goes where and this is exacerbated by so called ‘data protection’ which is all about preventing people from seeing what is going on.

Currently this ‘system’ is under threat from the ‘blockchain’ idea where every step in a chain of transactions is recorded. Crypto currency or alternative money is a big threat to the existing ‘system’ whereby money concentrates with a small number of people, replacing it with the idea of community money or as Ed Ludbrook would put it ‘Crowd Finance’.

You and I should consider, when we see any ‘truth’ promoted on the media and elsewhere, who exactly is benefiting from this?

Who benefits if I accept and conform to these ‘truths’?

To retain our power to make our own decisions and make our own freedoms, you and I need to be fully aware of what is going on.