Alternate Universe?

Alternate Universe? 150 150 Ben Coker

Alternate Universe?

There was an article in the news a few days ago claiming that ‘scientists’ had ‘accepted’ the ‘possibility’ of the existence of one or many ‘alternate universes’.

Now if ‘the Universe’ is everything and everything is energy in space, how can that be possible?

There would have to be another ‘set’, another instance, of ‘everything’.

And if the Universe is infinite, there would have to be other ‘infinities’ to accommodate the alternate universes.

In all languages there is only one infinity – it means everything everywhere, there is no other ‘infinity’.

Another word, often misused, is ‘unique’ – there is only one instance of any ‘thing’ that is unique.

You can have ‘almost unique’ or ‘almost infinite’ but you can’t have ‘very unique’ or ‘very infinite’.

We exist in a unique infinite Universe – there is only one, and of course as part of that there is only one of us, explained by Neale Donald Walsch as I have discussed before.

But there are lots of stories about imagined alternate universes, where individuals similar to ourselves, our counterparts, exist and operate – always in a slightly or significantly different way.

And there is the clue.

There are alternate universes, and they exist everywhere.

Each one of us, you and I, and everyone else out there, inhabits their own personal alternate universe.

Your universe – the universe you see and live in, is different from my universe.

I’ve spoken about this before; no two people see the world or the universe in quite the same way.

I see my universe, you see yours – they are not the same, but they are similar.

The difference is that I see you in my Universe, I don’t ‘see’ me, and you see me in your Universe, not you.

Even if you and I are sitting next to each other watching a movie we aren’t having an identical experience.

But how can this be? We’re both in ‘the Universe’? Aren’t we?

No, we’re not and, yes we are.

We are both in our own individual ‘alternate’ Universes but for me there is only one Universe, and for you there is only one Universe.

In the ‘grand scheme of thigs’ there is only one Universe – but we exist in our own unique ‘alternate’ versions of it’.

Our ‘alternate Universes’ are based on what you or I see, hear, feel, taste, smell and touch and on our own personal intuition or ‘gut feelings’ together with what we have experienced or learned during our life up until now.

Our ‘universes’ are where we exist, how we exist, why we exist.

Our personal alternate universes are who we really are.

‘The Universe’ is what we, individually, make of it, our take on it, how it appears to us.

It (the Universe) is ‘different’ for every living creature on the planet.

And if in our Universe we choose to believe there are living creatures or other kinds of soul inhabited ‘life forms’ on other planets or even independently in space, them as well.

The thing is that ‘The Universe’ is not ‘out there’.

The Universe is within – it is ‘inside’ you and me – there is no ‘out there’.

You are the Universe, and so am I, and we experience it in alternate ways.

‘Out there’ is an illusion, but that doesn’t mean it’s not ‘real’.

Our illusion of ‘out there’ is essential for our capability to exist in our (The) Universe.

Everything is real but it’s also an illusion that we create from the building blocks of Universal energy – which of course is what we really are.

OK, I’m going a bit deep here. How does knowing this ‘help’? What’s the ‘practical application’?

We’ve heard about the power of the mind, we’ve heard that everything is created twice first through thought, then through action, we’ve heard that whatever we fully believe we can achieve.

There are hundreds, even thousands, of books written about this, there are hundreds of learning programmes and courses where teaching is provided on how to harness this power.

There are the Universal Laws of which I’ve spoken before, that cover all this.

But more often than not, people don’t understand, or if they do aren’t able to make it all ‘work’.

The power of the mind and the universal laws have to be ‘unlocked’ and probably ‘unblocked’ as well.

I’ve just spent two days with someone who has the key.

Marisa Peer created a technique called Rapid Transformational Therapy (RTT) which is dramatically effective in unlocking and unblocking the mind and has trained around 4000 people globally (including myself) to do this.

But the technique, the therapy, is not the point.

The key is that there are a set of rules, similar to the Laws of the Universe, by which the mind works.

Put simply, the mind will do whatever you tell it to do and acts upon the words and images you give it.

It has no choice, it follows your orders, your commands.

But there are two key catches which will always case things to ‘go wrong’.

You can only command your mind in the present tense, it doesn’t recognise any concept of time. So asking for it to do something in the future doesn’t work – it can only be now.

Second, it only speaks ‘positive’ – so words like ‘not’ and ‘don’t’ or ‘won’t’ are ignored.

Now if you’ve ever done any ‘personal development’ or ‘personal growth’ work you’ll have heard this before but what you’ve probably not heard is the concept that everything is controlled from ‘inside’.

By your mind, by you, inside your own personal alternate universe.

But how? How do I make it ‘work’? Watch this space . . .