The Dimension Paradigm – Part 1

The Dimension Paradigm – Part 1 150 150 Ben Coker

The Dimension Paradigm – Part 1

Over the last few weeks, I’ve been thinking and reading a lot about the ‘dimensions’.

There are many writers and ‘teachers’ on the dimensions. Some say there are an infinite number of dimensions, but most have put a number on it and the majority ‘vote’ seems to be for there being just ten identifiable dimensions.

Now, a warning, this is going to be a bit ‘deep’, and speculative, and I’m still ‘thinking about it’ so this is not a definitive essay on the dimensions, just my appreciation (in the military sense) of the situation.

Second warning – most of this is entirely different from and may be in opposition to, popular current understanding, so please bear with me on this. Let’s just explore the possibilities.

Best to start at the beginning (which is also the end, but we’ll get to that) in the First Dimension.

The First Dimension is what ‘was before’. The singularity before the ‘big bang’ when the Universe was created.

It has no form, there is nothing there. ‘Everything’ was there, and will be there, the First Dimension is the Alpha and Omega, the beginning and the end, and as such it is the source (and destination) of all.

The Second Dimension is where ‘awareness’ (and everything else) ‘starts’, and I’ll come back to that.

A two dimensional entity is thought to be something that doesn’t have ‘depth’ – ‘length and width but no depth.

Most people thing of drawings and paintings, even photographs as two dimensional, but they are not, A pencil line on a piece of paper has thickness and as such is not two dimensional – but wait, maybe it is.

The first paradigm shift: length, breath and depth are not ‘dimensions’, they are measurements.

We had better be clear that I refer to a dimension as a ‘state of being’, nothing to do with those measurements or others such as time, space and money.

Energy itself though, is two dimensional, when expressed as a vibration with two measurements, frequency and wavelength – so colour, heat, radio waves and so on are all two dimensional.

A good example of something in the second dimension is an image projected on a screen, whether that be a cinema screen, a TV or a computer.

It’s ‘there’, but it isn’t. When you turn off the projector it’s gone. The light energy transmitted by the projector is switched off.

But there’s more to consider here.

Everything you and I ‘see’ is an image on a screen, projected through the lens of our eye onto the retina and then interpreted by the brain as, usually, an ‘object’ of some sort.

If you close your eyes (switch off the ‘projector’) then the image is gone.

Everything we see is what the brain tells us it ‘is’, whether that information is derived from sight or any of the other senses.

Saying “it’s real because I can touch and feel it” doesn’t mean much – it’s only the brain’s interpretation if the information it receives from your senses.

Everything ‘out there’ – outside our brains – is an ‘illusion’.

They key thing about the second dimension is that what exists here, energy, is everything and thus the second dimension is the source of everything that occurs in the higher dimensions.

Another important thing to consider here is that this Second Dimension is where our awareness starts, Without it we would not be ‘aware’ of anything – indeed, there would not ‘be’ anything.

Which brings me to the Third Dimension.

The problem here is that what we ‘see’ is in the Second Dimension, not the Third where most people think it is. I’ve explained this so where does the Third Dimension fit in.

The Third Dimension, in my logic, is the dimension of ‘Matter’, of ‘Chemistry’ and of ‘Life’.

The Third Dimension is where second dimensional energy starts to ‘make itself apparent’ or give itself ‘form’.

A way of looking at this differentiation of energy is through the periodic table of elements where energy vibrates in different ways and frameworks to manifest as the various metals, gases and so on that make up all ‘physical’ matter.

These ‘elements’ or ‘chemicals’ interact and produce other formations, one group of which is the ‘chemistry of life’ and the Third Dimension is the domain of Chemistry.

Physics by the way pervades all dimensions. The Laws of Physics ad the Laws of the Universe are the same. They are how the Universe ‘works’, how energy itself ‘works’.

In the Third Dimension ‘awareness’ is in the domain of living organisms – matter that has a ‘special chemistry’, an ongoing reaction of energetic transformation that has two special capabilities.

The ability to ‘reproduce’ or ‘create’ and the sensation of ‘awareness’.

All living things are aware, even if it is only a very rudimentary level of response to stimuli. Plants for example are ‘aware’ of light and temperature, single celled organisms are aware of the proximity of others and so on.

‘Higher’ life forms have higher levels of awareness depending on the sophistication of their sense receptors and the information they need to exist and procreate.

The more advanced a life form the more information it needs and hence the more awareness it requires.

There are other aspects to the third dimensional substrate of the planet, most of which has been created one way or another by life forms.

If we start with rocks, there are two sources, from the planet itself through basic chemistry and from life forms on the planet chalk, coal and so on.

Higher life forms engage chemistry to ‘make’ things. Insects and birds make ‘nests’ of different kinds, as do some fish and of course humans make all sorts of objects utilising basic chemistry together with engineering abilities that come from the next dimension.

In the Fourth Dimension, I’ll discuss the concepts of Logic and Knowledge and in the Fifth those of Intuition and Understanding.

Well also consider how awareness continues in these dimensions and where spirituality fits into these dimensions.

Although ‘life’ starts in the Third Dimension, it doesn’t really ‘kick in’ for ‘humanity’ until the Fourth which is where we’ll go next time.