Back to the Future

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Back to the Future

‘Past, present and future’ is a common framework that most people would consider they understand, and they think of this ‘timeline’ in terms of days, , months, decades and so on.

But really, the ‘timeline’ has very little to do with ‘time’.

There are many science fiction stories about people going back and ‘changing the timeline’ by accident, or deliberately, or as in H.G Wells’ classic ‘The Time Machine’ going forward to see ‘the future’. There is rather more to that novel of course than just a fantasy, it has some serious political undertones, as one would expect of the author.

Unlike ‘time’ though, timelines do exist and put simply, are a record of energy transformations.

As you and I know, everything is created twice. First by thought and then by action which is another word for transformation. Thought energy becomes creative energy and one energetic construct is turned into another.

The planet we live on and everything on it was created in the same way and I’m going to bypass the ‘creation/evolution’ argument here because it would take too long and they are both the same thing anyway.

This planet is inhabited by many sentient life forms but as far as we are aware, humans are the only ones able to manipulate and transform energy – to turn one form into another. Other creatures can use existing energy forms and build but only by rearranging them.

At our present level of consciousness or spiritual development we can only do this third dimensionally. We have the innate ability to ‘make things happen’ like a Wizard or a Jedi Knight but in general, apart from very few individuals, we’ve forgotten how to use it.

Every energetic transaction we make, every transformation that occurs is recorded. Sequentially, one after another.

Once something has taken place, has happened, it cannot be ‘un-happened’. It can be reversed, but that, in sequence, is another transaction, the original is still there in the timeline and cannot be undone or changed.

Does that remind you of something?

Of course, it’s a blockchain.

Every transaction is recorded in sequence and locked in. It is though, more subtle than the blockchains we use today, and more difficult to interrogate because it contains more information about the energetic transformations (transactions) it records.

This ‘blockchain timeline’ is held for each of us in the Akashic Record – a sort of fifth dimensional ledger, but unlike a paper ledger where you can turn to any page and see all the information the Akashic Record only responds to binary questions and the only answers it can give are ‘yes’ or ‘no’.

I have been attuned and trained to interrogate the Record and I can assure you that it takes a very long time and a lot of questions to get any information!

Every Soul has its own Record, from the dawn of creation when all Souls were individuated in the ‘big bang’ up until now, this instant. Everything is recorded.

There is, by the way, no ‘future’ timeline, no record of transactions that have not taken place. How could there be? But what we can do is ‘project’ a possible timeline a short way into the future.

We know we are on a journey, our ‘Way’, and we have a good idea of where we are going so there are several possible future timelines.

Consider the practice of Accountancy.

Essentially there are two parts to the work a good Accountant will do for you. They will look back at your transactions over the past year to help you minimise the amount of tax you have to pay and they will look at forward projections, budgets and cash flow forecasts giving different possible scenarios for the coming year.

It’s the same with your personal timeline. If you take course of action ‘A’ your future timeline will be different from what it would look like if you took course of action ‘B’; but, like our Accountant, we can only see so far ahead.

Wells’ foray into future centuries using his time machine followed only one of many possible timelines that could have been created. We can fantasise about future timelines but not really predict them with any accuracy.

Then there’s the thorny problem of ‘the past’.

The blockchain cannot be altered – you cannot ‘change the past’ – you cannot even atone for or avenge any transaction that may have occurred in one of your past lives, or in the lives of your ancestors or anyone else.

You can only ‘put things right’ by transactions you instigate in your own current life, yours, not anyone else’s. Trying to persuade other people to do things or agree with you is a waste of time, their choices are up to them, not you. In short you cannot choose any future timeline other than your own.

Problems with ‘the past’ arise because there are so many different interpretations of it, so many different physical records of it. The only true history is in the Akashic Record and that is notoriously difficult to get at because you can only answer ‘yes/no’ questions.

And there’s more.

I’ve spoken before about alternate universes; similarly, there are alternate timelines.

Right now, you and I are on one of six alternate personal timelines. Yes, it took me a while to get my head around this as well, but it does make sense.

Have you ever

  • noticed yourself behaving ‘out of character’ or doing something that you’ve never done before or wouldn’t normally do?
  • been ‘distracted’ and gone off down a different path while you were in the middle of doing something else?
  • been influenced by others to take part in some activity that you’d not normally do or instigate by yourself?
  • made an abrupt or even planned career or life change?
  • found yourself operating inn different ‘life streams’ – family, career, hobbies, part time work, volunteering etc. all at the same time?

You and I flip between timelines, we do it all the time and don’t notice.

It’s a function of the curiosity inherent in our Soul, and in our ‘human nature’, it’s part of our experiential divine soul purpose, which is why we are here in the first place.

So here’s the summary.

We have one, locked secure, past timeline recording all the transactions in all our past lives and our current life.

We have a current timeline where we are ‘building the blockchain’ creating transactions in one of six possible current timelines. Only what we actually do gets recorded.

We have infinite potential future timelines which depend on the choices we make right now this instant, and in the next instant and so on. ‘The future’ doesn’t exist until we carry out a transaction.

But we can make transactions for the future and drive out timeline towards them. We can visualise, ‘dream’ and set high level goals. Our future timeline will be influenced by the transactions we make to achieve them. If we hold a clear vision of the future, then the timeline will automatically direct itself towards it.

You or I cannot change the past, we can only act in the present to influence the future.

As C S Lewis put it

“You can’t go back and change the beginning, but you can start where you are and change the ending.”