Strands of Time

Strands of Time 150 150 Ben Coker

Strands of Time

Have you ever thought you might be going in the wrong direction? The path you’re taking might not be leading you where you intend to go?

I have.

Have you ever thought you might be ‘chasing shadows’, what or who you think you see ahead might not really be there at all?

I have, and very recently.

Have you ever found yourself following more than one course at a time, juggling two or three different work streams or interests? Have you ever thought what you ‘dp’ in life is not producing the desired effect?

I have.

And have you ever ‘jumped ship’ – left a job, business or relationship to pursue a different intention? Has anyone done that to you – left you in the lurch from a personal or business point of view?

Happens all the time doesn’t it?

“That’s life” – as ‘they’ say (whoever ‘they’ are!)

Well yes, it is, due to the choices we make, all these things occur on our journey through life, on our path, our ‘Way’; and it’s not surprising with all this going on so many people get ‘lost’ along their Way – even if they had any idea what their Way was in the first place.

I’m lucky enough to know my Way, to know my purpose in life to know the experiences I’m looking for. It did take me several decades to discover but I do now know where I am going, or more to the point where I have chosen to go, even though seven years ago I had no idea!

Can you say that – with certainty and confidence? Only very few who can – a percentage of the global population in the low end of single figures.

I’ve explained time doesn’t exist, but this is something else – your ‘Way’ is a ‘Timeline’ although it has nothing to do with time; more like ‘sequence’.

Imagine a multicoloured cord with six strands (pick any six colours) and imagine yourself – now – at the point where the strands converge to weave the cord.

Behind you is the cord, ahead of you are the strands going off in all directions towards infinity.

Around you are other people, their cords behind them and their strands ahead, sometimes coming close to or crossing your strands.

Whichever strand you’re on, as you move forward, your other five strands come together to weave the cord.

Here’s the thing. You cannot go back and undo the cord.

Once it’s made it is made – you cannot step in the same river twice, you cannot ‘undo’ the blockchain.

You can of course turn, even go around in the opposite direction, but you are still making new cord, not in any way undoing what has been done.

At any moment you or I are on one strand, one timeline, representing our current activity.

We can ‘steer’ the strand in the direction we wish to go, and we can jump on and off other strands we have running in parallel, like switching lanes on a motorway.

We can even be in two lanes at once, but it’s not advised!

We can be ‘with’ someone else’s strand as if they’re in the same car, the same business or the same relationship.

When this happens, the cords of our lives join together until our individual sets of strands separate, when children leave home for example.

Look at your cord.

Where has it joined up or separated from someone else’s?

Whose cord did you come from into this life? Your parents, grandparents and so on – the ‘family tree’

Like a family tree the cord goes back and back to one root, one source – the Universal Source where everyone ‘started’.

That’s all very well, it gives us ‘lessons’ from the past, but much as some would like to ‘go back’, the future is not the past. ‘History does not and cannot ‘repeat itself’, we cannot ‘replay’ our cord, it’s done, and cannot be undone.

We have to find a new way, a new direction, and choose which strand of life to travel right now.

Who are you travelling with, are you headed to the same destination or do you have different journeys to make? Are you getting tangled up in other peoples’ strands?

Understanding your direction, and bringing your strands together, increases certainty about your ‘future’.

Alternatively, like most people, you can carry on jumping from strand to strand not quite knowing what’s going on.

Where’s your timeline headed?

Are you on the ‘right’ strand, the one leading to the ‘Best You?