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Over the next few weeks, I’m going to take you through a few of the fundamentals of Life Mastery to explain a little more about wat I do and where I’m coming from. First, if you wish to master you life, you need to know what you want it to be . . .

Forty-Two is a magic number. If you research it, you’ll find all sorts of meanings ascribed to it, some simple and some very, very complex

I found it has been used as ‘code’ in some computer programming for ‘unknown’ or ‘whatever you want to put here’ or ‘whatever you want it to mean’.

The number has a particular ‘energy’ of its own and has been used in many contexts.

Famously, Douglas Adams in his ‘Hitch Hikers Guide to the Galaxy’ series, used it as the answer to ‘The Ultimate Question of Life the Universe and Everything’ asked of the mega computer ‘Deep Thought’ which had been created by pan-galactic beings for the purpose of answering this question.

Incidentally, I just read that in real life someone has built a computer called ‘Deepmind’ to attempt to uncover the meaning of life or how it works – and it’s not even April 1st!

Although Adams never clearly stated ‘42’ meant ‘whatever you want it to be’ he did imply it by reference to its use in software development.

‘42’ was also used earlier by John Cleese in one of his Video Arts business training films in a similar way.

As far as I am concerned I’m using ‘42’ to mean ‘whatever you want it to be’ – in other words the meaning of my life is whatever I want it to be’ – as is the meaning of yours.

But there are two aspects to this.

The first is do you know what you want you want it to be, what you want in your life, how you would love to live your life, and all the aspects of that?


If you do know what you want it to be, do you know how you’re going to turn that into reality?

Do you know the path you’re going to follow and the steps you’re going to take – or is that another ‘42’ – ‘whatever I want or decide to do’?

Most people just settle for 42 without being really clear on ‘what they want it to be’ and certainly not clear at all on the ‘how’ of achieving it.

Often, they just follow someone else’s 42 and live however they think they are supposed to live.

It’s not even 42 – they have n idea what they want their life to be. They may have one or two goals or dreams and may achieve one or two, but they have no coherent plan of their life as a whole, they just follow.

As Adams would have put it when describing the Earth – ‘mostly harmless’ – and not really relevant to or involved in the magnificence of life at all.

Life Mastery is all about knowing and understanding your 42.

It’s about discovering your Way of Life and understanding how to follow your own path to the life you would love to live – the key aspects of 42 – Why, What and How, with When, Where and Who as support.

Do you know your 42?

I can help you find it.