The Ultimate Theme Park

The Ultimate Theme Park 150 150 Ben Coker

The Ultimate Theme Park

I talked last time about Neale Donald Walsch’s books ‘Conversations with God’ and said I would cover what he says about ‘the purpose of life’ and ‘why we are here’ – questions oft asked by most people.

But first I’ll continue a little about what is meant by ‘individuation’ and there being only ‘one’ of us.

A common misunderstanding about this is how most people believe the concept of ‘society’ to be the realisation of the ‘one’ of us.

It’s not.

‘Society’ doesn’t exist. It’s a concept, like ‘time’ and ‘money’ which (supposedly) helps us to understand how the world works, and is also, like money and time, an instrument of control.

You and I are supposed to conform to society, to go along with what everyone else in ‘society’ does or believes.

‘Society’ believes ‘government’ is a good idea, it protects society and has society’s best interest at heart.

I don’t think so.

Society chooses a form of government and gives its ‘collective authority’ to the individuals it chooses.

Sounds like a good plan, but it hasn’t worked that well over the centuries, has it?.

The ‘one of us’ is not a collective, not a community – it’s more like each of ‘us’ being a molecule of water in an ocean – individuated ‘parts’ of the one.

But why? What’s the purpose of this individuation? Why are we here?

Well, you and I are not here to ‘learn a lesson’.

We’re not here to ‘make a difference’

We’re not here to atone for some ‘original sin’

We’re not here to ‘earn our way into Paradise’

Unless . . .

Unless one of those was the experience we chose before we came here.

Walsch explains that, as immortal souls, or as Mary Morrissey puts it, ‘infinite beings experiencing a physical existence’, we are here for a purpose, which is to have, rather than gain, an experience, or series of experiences.

As if we’re visiting a theme park. We choose the rides we wish to go on, we take part in and ‘enjoy’ those experiences, and then we leave to ‘go home’ to the ‘one’ – to the celestial ocean from which we came.

In Star Trek Deep Space Nine, there are beings called ‘shape shifters’ or ‘changelings’ or The Founders, who can assume any form, but come from and return to a gelatinous ‘lake’ called the ‘Great Link’ of which they become ‘One’.

I’d be surprised if that idea wasn’t based on Walsch’s writings.

There is of course a ‘catch’.

Which is, when we arrive for each visit, when we’ve chosen what we wish to be (human or otherwise) and who our parents will be, the moment we arrive or reincarnate our memory is wiped.

We ‘forget’ all about our previous experiences and what we really are.

Part of the ‘experience of life’ is to discover what we came for and sometimes it can take quite a while.

But there are ‘fragments’ that remain.

Have you ever been somewhere and felt a strong affinity for the place? Have you a particular talent, music, or art for example?

Of course, we have to learn and discover things all over again but there is that inexplicable ‘familiarity’ isn’t there?

You can do ‘past life regression’ or Soul Realignment therapy to help find out or at least put things into perspective and maybe eliminate the effects of any bad choices in previous lives or ways of behaving you’ve carried over but ‘the purpose of life’ is simply to experience it.


Walsch speculates on this but concludes the answer is, much as your parents might have said when you were very young, ‘because’.

Because ‘the One’ , the Divine, ‘Source’, God’, the ‘Higher Power’, ‘Spirit’ wants more experiences.

More experience of what is possible, more experience of what we, as three dimensional beings, call ‘reality’, although it’s all an illusion, just energy in space.

In the fourth book ‘Awaken the Species’, Walsch goes into this with the idea of the development of HEBs or Highly Evolved Beings.

Experience perhaps then, leads to this evolution, but I don’t expect to find out for sure  until I reach the 7th dimension, beyond those we inhabit as ‘living beings’.

Maybe then, when I’m thinking about which theme park to visit next, it will all become clear.