Friday Focus

FF11 Anxiety

FF11 Anxiety 150 150 Ben Coker

Friday Focus #11 Stress & Anxiety TRANSCRIPT Hello, and welcome to Friday Focus. I’m Ben Coker, and this morning, today, I’d like to talk a little bit about stress and anxiety and maybe even depression. Now, you and I and everyone else. All suffer from time to time from stress. Anxiety about something can be very slight, or it can be quite a lot. To me, anxiety, stress, and even depression are just states of mind. They’re not necessarily illnesses. There’s nothing wrong with you if you’re feeling depressed or anxious or stressed. It’s a state of mind to be…

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FF10 Choices

FF10 Choices 150 150 Ben Coker

Friday Focus #10 Choices TRANSCRIPT Today I’m going to talk about choices. Now, everything that we do, everything is the result of a choice that we make or a series of choices that we make. It goes further than that, because once you’ve made a choice, once you and I have made a choice, it we have to take action. Otherwise the choice becomes effectively redundant. Unless, of course, it’s a choice not to do something. Because there’s always that option. I remember when I was teaching my MBA students some time ago, that when they were presented with a…

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FF05 How’s Your Security?

FF05 How’s Your Security? 150 150 Ben Coker

Friday Focus #5 How’s Your Security? Welcome to Friday Focus. I want to talk about security, computer security. With your computer you have protection, you have a firewall. You take care not to get viruses in your computer to make it go wrong. And that’s all very well, that’s fine. And on your phone you have a whole load of apps. And you install apps and you do that deliberately. Sometimes they get installed automatically for one reason or other. In the same way your computer may do upgrades to its operating system or whatever, but generally speaking, you and…

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FF04 What is ‘Free’

FF04 What is ‘Free’ 150 150 Ben Coker

Friday Focus #4 What is ‘Free’? TRANSCRIPT So welcome to Friday Focus. I’m not quite sure where I’m going with this one today, but I’ve been thinking a lot about the word free. What do we mean by free when something’s free or not free? I don’t think the law of reciprocity allows for something to be absolutely free. If you get a free offer, it usually means that there’s something behind it. If you’re offered let’s say if I were to offer someone a free therapy session, I would probably expect them to give me at least a testimonial…

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FF03 Scarcity of Money

FF03 Scarcity of Money 150 150 Ben Coker

Friday Focus #3 Scarcity of Money Welcome to Friday Focus. As you can see, I’m outside today and there’s a bit of background noise coming from here and there, but don’t worry about that. Earlier this week, I watched a recording, a video, a very long Facebook Live, in fact, by a lady called Dr Sonia Stribling, and she was talking about a scarcity power dime, which was really about money. And she was talking about the paradigm that people have about all the various different paradigms that people have about the scarcity of money. Now, fortunately, I’ve never had…

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FF02 I Want

FF02 I Want 150 150 Ben Coker

Friday Focus #2 I Want Good morning and welcome to this week’s Friday Focus. Today I’m going to talk about a very curious word and that word is want. We often say I want something like I want a new car or I want a new job, or I want to go out today. And we also talk about people who we’re providing services to as to whether they want our service or whether they need it. And there’s a general saying that people will buy what they want rather than necessarily what they need. There are some exceptions, of…

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FF01 Start With Why

FF01 Start With Why 150 150 Ben Coker

Friday Focus #1 Start With Why Welcome to Friday Focus. My name is Ben Coker, and Friday Focus is what it says. On Friday, you get a chance to focus on something over the weekend, about your personal life or about your business that you’ve got some time to think about. Today I want to talk about this book, which is Start with Why by Simon Sinek. Now, the key thing that he says in there is people buy not what you do, not how you do it, but why you do it. People buy from you because of that…

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