The Freedom Letter

Insights on Personal Freedom from Ben Coker


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TFL025 Greatest Fears Fears, Dreams and Decisions 23/1/24 Read
TFL024 The Love Paradigm What is ‘love’ all about 13/1/24 Read
TFL023 New Year – New Start? What’s the meaning of ‘New Year’ 1/1/24 Read
TFL022 The Coaching Conundrum Does having a ‘coach’ represent some sort of ‘failure’? 27/9/23 Read
TFL021 The Secret of the Universe A summary and extension of last week’s Masterclass 2/7/23 Read
TFL020 Robot Wars Stand down Red Alert – false alarm 18/6/23 Read
TFL019 Why Do We Get Paid? How does it ‘work’? 11/6/23 Read
TFL018 Saving the Planet It’s not the planet we need to save 4/6/23 Read
TFL017 The Freedom Paradigm Freedom may not be what you think it is 28/5/23 Read
TFL016 The Creators Getting Things Done 21/5/23 Read
TFL015 The Talkers Outbound ‘Communications’ 14/5/23 Read
TFL014 The Quiet Ones The Silent Majority 7/5/23 Read
TFL013 Only One of Us The Secret of Who and What We Are 1/5/23 Read
TFL012 “We The People” But who ARE the ‘People’? Who are ‘We’? 22/4/23 Read
TFL011 The Ultimate Impostor Syndrome “Making [insert country name] Great Again” 15/4/23 Read
TFL010 The Psychology of Taking Offence  The Rise of the Professional ‘Offence Taker’ 6/4/23 Read
TFL009  The Spiral of Life It’s not a ‘circle’ or a ‘wheel’ 27/3/23 Read
TFL008 Communications Breakdown  “What we have here is a failure to communicate” 21/3/23 Read
TFL007 The Decision is Yours  But what happens next? 13/3/23 Read
TFL006 The Story of Pat and Mick There’s no such thing as a straight line 2/3/23 Read
TFL005  Reinventing the World – Part 2 Taking Back Control 24/2/23 Read
TFL004  Reinventing the World – Part 1 Where are we now and how did we get here? 15/2/23 Read
TFL003 The Business Paradigm What is ‘Business all about and why has it gone ‘wrong’? 8/02/23 Read
TFL002  The Enemy of Change? What is it holding us back from societal change? 29/01/23 Read
TFL001 Are We Measuring the Wrong Things? And are we measuring all we need? 22/01/23 Read