New Focus

Insights on Personal Freedom from Ben Coker


NF 025 Making a Start It’s a New Year – where do we start? 01/01/23 Read
NF 024 Revolution? Are we having a Revolution, Evolution or Devolution? 18/12/22 Read
NF 023 The Money-Freedom Paradigm Do we have it completely wrong about money? 12/12/22 Read
NF 022 What’s your Mindset? ‘Fixed’ or ‘Growth’ 05/12/22 Read
NF 021 Why Coaching doesn’t work People tell me coaching doesn’t work – why? 28/11/22 Read
NF 020 What is ‘Coaching’ all about? More and more people are becoming ‘coaches’ – but what is it? 21/11/22 Read
NF 019 How does Time ‘Work’? Is time the original blockchain? 13/11/22 Read
NF 018 A Question of ‘Reality’ VR, AR, XR – what have these to do with ‘Reality’ anyway? 06/11/22 Read
NF 017 What is AI? The myth of so-called ‘Artificial ‘Intelligence’ 31/10/22 Read
NF 016 A Matter of Time Time doesn’t exist – but Life does 24/10/22 Read
NF 015 Money Makes the World Go Around? Or does it? It depends what you make of it 17/10/22 Read
NF 014 Alternate Universe? Is such a thing possible? 10/10/22 Read
NF 013 You Can be Younger Ignore your Birth Certificate 02/10/22 Read
NF 012 ‘Land’ in the Metaverse People are trying to sell you something which doesn’t exist 26/09/22 Read
NF 011 Thought and Form Everything is created twice 19/09/22 Read
NF 010 Welcome and Farewell On the passing of an era 12/09/22 Read
NF 009 What IS ‘Coaching’? What does it mean and why is it called ‘coaching’? 05/09/22 Read
NF 008 In Two Minds? You know the constant conversation going on in your head? 29/08/22 Read
NF 007 Buzz Lightyear was Wrong Two words almost everyone gets wrong 22/08/22 Read
NF 006 To Do or Not to Do Why ‘To Do’ lists stop you ‘Doing’ 14/08/22 Read
NF 005 No Tension Activating Your Intentions 07/08/22 Read
NF 004 When ‘Positive’ is Negative Why ‘Be Positive’ isn’t always the answer 31/07/22 Read
NF 003 What’s in a Dream? Why Dreams Only Coe True in America 24/07/22 Read
NF 002 Goals vs Targets Why S.M.A.R.T Goals aren’t that Smart 17/07/22 Read
NF 001 Squaring the Circle Why the ‘Wheel of Life’ is a bad model 10/07/22 Read