‘Wednesday Insights’

The collection of five years weekly insights on various topics by Ben Coker
001 Know What? ‘Not interested’ 02-Dec-15 Read
002 I Won’t Do That Fear of the unknown 09-Dec-15 Read
003 “Who, Who are you . . . ?” Self identity 16-Dec-15 Read
004 What’s in a dream? Dreams and goals 23-Dec-15 Read
005 Where do you go from here . . Targets and plans 30-Dec-15 Read
006 Every Day . . . Giving and receiving 06-Jan-16 Read
007 The Time Warp Visualisation 13-Jan-16 Read
008 Not Going to Happen Limiting beliefs 20-Jan-16 Read
009 Clear as Mud Clarity 27-Jan-16 Read
010 Pay Attention! Intention – Attention 03-Feb-16 Read
011 Seeing is Believing . . . Belief and Faith 10-Feb-16 Read
012 It’s all relative Contrast 17-Feb-16 Read
013 It’s Not Normal! Normal? 24-Feb-16 Read
014 Tower of Babel? Info/Communication overload 02-Mar-16 Read
015 Groundhog Day The chapter paradigm 09-Mar-16 Read
016 What You See is What You Get Visualisation 16-Mar-16 Read
017 What’s the worst that can happen? Advice from friends & family 23-Mar-16 Read
018 It’s All An Illusion Looking at things in diff ways 30-Mar-16 Read
019 Happy and Successful? Happiness vs success 06-Apr-16 Read
020 Forgive and Forget? Forgiveness 13-Apr-16 Read
021 Silent applause Money 20-Apr-16 Read
022 Onward & Upward Letting Go 27-Apr-16 Read
023 Default or Design? Life styles 04-May-16 Read
024 Fear and Greed? Away-Towards Motivation 11-May-16 Read
025 Rich Man, Poor Man . . . Learning 18-May-16 Read
026 Your Mastermind Group Mastermind & Groupthink 25-May-16 Read
027 The Sword and the Trapeze 01-Jun-16 Read
028 The Dream Test Five questions 08-Jun-16 Read
029 Pay Attention! Noticing (Brave thinking 1) 15-Jun-16 Read
030 Common Hours Thoreau 22-Jun-16 Read
031 Opportunity Knocks . . . 29-Jun-16 Read
032 State of Independence 06-Jul-16 Read
033 The Brules of Life Lakhiani – Brules 13-Jul-16 Read
034 Brave Thinking 20-Jul-16 Read
035 Whose Idea Was That? Created Twice 27-Jul-16 Read
036 How’s your Earth-Suit? 03-Aug-16 Read
037 Up the Garden Path Distractions 10-Aug-16 Read
038 Feel the Fear 17-Aug-16 Read
039 ‘We’re gonna Win’ Thinking positively 24-Aug-16 Read
040 A Bit Risky? Risk 31-Aug-16 Read
041 A new beginning? You can’t go back – 25 year plan 07-Sep-16 Read
042 I’ll think about it . . . Intuition vs logic 14-Sep-16 Read
043 On the Edge . . . The growing edge 21-Sep-16 Read
044 Off the Clock Working to ‘time’ 28-Sep-16 Read
045 Go With the Flow 05-Oct-16 Read
046 I Can’t Afford It . . . Scarcity thinking 12-Oct-16 Read
047 Death of the Salesman Pt 1 19-Oct-16 Read
048 Death of the Salesman Pt 2 26-Oct-16 Read
049 Death of the Salesman Pt 3 02-Nov-16 Read
050 “From my point of view” 09-Nov-16 Read
051 “It’s The Way I Tell ‘em” Communications 16-Nov-16 Read
052 Bridging the Gap Created Twice 23-Nov-16 Read
053 Decisions Decisions 30-Nov-16 Read
054 I Just Don’t Have the Time 07-Dec-16 Read
055 “Resistance is Futile” 14-Dec-16 Read
056 The Helping Business 21-Dec-16 Read
057 “In two minds?” Three Minds 28-Dec-16 Read
058 Decisions, Decisions The nature of decisions 04-Jan-17 Read
059 The Meaning of Life . . . Work life balance 11-Jan-17 Read
060 Imagine . . . Superpower – Imagination 18-Jan-17 Read
061 What You Say is What You Get Words into actions 25-Jan-17 Read
062 The Kipling Six 01-Feb-17 Read
063 Goal! 08-Feb-17 Read
064 Hope For the Best? 15-Feb-17 Read
065 Two Schools of Thought? 23-Feb-17 Read
066 The Secret of Success 01-Mar-17 Read
067 Chaos Theory 08-Mar-17 Read
068 How Long Is A Piece of String? 15-Mar-17 Read
069 Value For Money? 22-Mar-17 Read
070 Coming Of Age 29-Mar-17 Read
071 Personal Redevelopment 05-Apr-17 Read
072 Something Better? 12-Apr-17 Read
073 Need to Know Applying knowledge 19-Apr-17 Read
074 One Way Street Need to talk 26-Apr-17 Read
075 You Got The Power! 03-May-17 Read
076 Finding The Way 10-May-17 Read
077 Life Happens 17-May-17 Read
078 I Want . . . Meaning of ‘want’ 24-May-17 Read
079 Mindset, Ideology & Labels 31-May-16 Read
080 Switched on 07-Jun-17 Read
081 “Go with the flow” 14-Jun-16 Read
082 Root Cause Blame culture 21-Jun-17 Read
083 The Daily Grind 28-Jun-17 Read
084 Smart? Goals & Motivation 05-Jul-17 Read
085 Knowledge is King? Application of knowledge 12-Jul-17 Read
086 Tunnel Vision 19-Jul-17 Read
087 Act Your Age 26-Jul-17 Read
088 “Ill Try” 02-Aug-17 Read
089 Outside In 09-Aug-17 Read
090 Lock and Load 16-Aug-17 Read
091 En Retrait 23-Aug-17 Read
092 History is Bunk 30-Aug-17 Read
093 The Law of Wires 06-Sep-17 Read
094 Love Is 13-Sep-17 Read
095 The Achievers Edge 20-Sep-17 Read
096 The Power Within 27-Sep-17 Read
097 Breakthrough!? 04-Oct-17 Read
098 Without Prejudice 11-Oct-17 Read
099 Kissing Frogs 18-Oct-17 Read
100 The Prisoner 25-Oct-17 Read
101 At Your Age? 01-Nov-17 Read
102 People Watching 08-Nov-17 Read
103 The Generation Game 15-Nov-17 Read
104 Passing Ships 22-Nov-17 Read
105 Peace In Our Time 29-Nov-17 Read
106 Supporting Attraction 06-Dec-17 Read
107 Balancing Act 13-Dec-17 Read
108 Judgement Day 20-Dec-17 Read
109 Clear the Decks 27-Dec-17 Read
110 Parallel Lives 03-Jan-18 Read
111 Waiting for a Sign? 10-Jan-18 Read
112 Sickness and Diseases 17-Jan-18 Read
113 Energy Bills 24-Jan-18 Read
114 Once in a Blue Moon 31-Jan-18 Read
115 Command and Control 07-Feb-18 Read
116 Beyond the 5th Dimension 14-Feb-18 Read
117 Thanks For The Memory 21-Feb-18 Read
118 The Answer 28-Feb-18 Read
119 Scary Monsters 07-Mar-18 Read
120 Money, Money, Money 14-Mar-18 Read
121 Two Sides of a Coin 21-Mar-18 Read
122 Reframing 28-Mar-18 Read
123 Great Expectations 04-Apr-18 Read
124 Feeling the Fear 11-Apr-18 Read
125 Data Protection? 18-Apr-18 Read
126 Bridgeworks 25-Apr-18 Read
127 Positive and Negative? 02-May-18 Read
128 Zero Limits Synchronicity – Ho’oponopono 09-May-18 Read
129 Childhood’s End 16-May-18 Read
130 Below the Line 23-May-18 Read
131 Route Recalculation 30-May-18 Read
132 It’s a Numbers Game 2 -3- 10 – 87 – 40 – 90 06-Jun-18 Read
133 “What Will the Neighbours Say?” 13-Jun-18 Read
134 Interesting Times Flexibility, certainty, journey 20-Jun-18 Read
135 Peace of Mind 27-Jun-18 Read
136 Independence Day Competition is not the enemy 04-Jul-18 Read
137 What’s It Worth? Benefit 11-Jul-18 Read
138 “Settle Down” 18-Jul-18 Read
139 Role Reversal Women, Elders, Education 25-Jul-18 Read
140 Get Out of My Way! 01-Aug-18 Read
141 Multiple Choice 08-Aug-18 Read
142 Personal Profile Personal dimensions 15-Aug-18 Read
143 The Story So Far 22-Aug-18 Read
144 Losing the Plot 29-Aug-18 Read
145 Open Goal 05-Sep-18 Read
146 Big Bang Theory 12-Sep-18 Read
147 Working With the Law Law of Averages 19-Sep-18 Read
148 The High End Target Market 26-Sep-18 Read
149 Tools of the Trade 03-Oct-18 Read
150 Your Necktop Computer 10-Oct-18 Read
151 Theory or Practice 17-Oct-18 Read
152 Law of the Jungle 24-Oct-18 Read
153 More Than Enough? 31-Oct-18 Read
154 Making a Difference 07-Nov-18 Read
155 “Journeyman’s Grace” 14-Nov-18 Read
156 “Deaf, Dumb and Blind Kid” 21-Nov-18 Read
157 ‘Reach for the Sky’ 28-Nov-18 Read
158 The Art of Science 05-Dec-18 Read
159 A Kind of Magic 12-Dec-18 Read
160 Rules of the Mind 19-Dec-18 Read
161 Guilty or Not Guilty? 26-Dec-18 Read
162 Take Control of Your Calendar 02-Jan-19 Read
163 “How Hard Can It Be?” 09-Jan-19 Read
164 False Economy 16-Jan-19 Read
165 No U-Turns? 23-Jan-19 Read
166 Two Tribes – and more 30-Jan-19 Read
167 Memories are made of  . . . ? 06-Feb-19 Read
168 Life’s a Pitch 13-Feb-19 Read
169 VisionPower 20-Feb-19 Read
170 My Generation 27-Feb-19 Read
171 Changes – Face the Strange 06-Mar-19 Read
172 In The Zone Comfort Zone 13-Mar-19 Read
173 The Time Machine 20-Mar-19 Read
174 What’s Causing the Pain? 27-Mar-19 Read
175 The Value in You 03-Apr-19 Read
176 Growing Pains 10-Apr-19 Read
177 Poles Apart Dichotomy paradigm 17-Apr-19 Read
178 The Master Mind 24-Apr-19 Read
179 Result! 01-May-19 Read
180 It’s All Too Much 08-May-19 Read
181 The Paradigm Paradigm 15-May-19 Read
182 Stuck in the middle 22-May-19 Read
183 Not so ‘S.M.A.R.T.? REAL goals 27-May-19 Read
184 Expect Miracles 05-Jun-19 Read
185 What’s on Your Radar? 12-Jun-19 Read
186 State of Mind 19-Jun-19 Read
187 Value Proposition 26-Jun-19 Read
188 War on Want 03-Jul-19 Read
189 Fit for Purpose 10-Jul-19 Read
190 Boosting the Circulation 17-Jul-19 Read
191 ‘Awaken the Species’ 24-Jul-19 Read
192 The ABC of Goals 31-Jul-19 Read
193 The Magic of Believing 07-Aug-19 Read
194 How to do Everything 14-Aug-19 Read
195 Money Does Grow on Trees! 21-Aug-19 Read
196 The Existential Vacuum 28-Aug-19 Read
197 Decisions or Choices? 04-Sep-19 Read
198 Is your Mind Set? 11-Sep-19 Read
199 Too Good to be True? 18-Sep-19 Read
200 Good Vibrations 25-Sep-19 Read
201 Have You Done Your Accounts? 02-Oct-19 Read
202 Curiosity Killed the Cat? 09-Oct-19 Read
203 The Truth is Out There . . .? 16-Oct-19 Read
204 First Impressions 23-Oct-19 Read
205 The Meaning of Life – 1 30-Oct-19 Read
206 The Meaning of Life – 2 06-Nov-19 Read
207 ‘Eve of Destruction’ 13-Nov-19 Read
208 Can’t teach an old dog . . .? 20-Nov-19 Read
209 Burden of Proof 27-Nov-19 Read
210 The Temporal Prime Directive 04-Dec-19 Read
211 A Rock and a Hard Place 11-Dec-19 Read
212 Multiple Choice? 18-Dec-19 Read
213 Singularity? 25-Dec-19 Read
214 Wasted Effort? 01-Jan-20 Read
215 Taking Sides 08-Jan-20 Read
216 Seagulls 15-Jan-20 Read
217 The Rule of Law 22-Jan-20 Read
218 “The 7 Big Mistakes . . .” 29-Jan-20 Read
219 Proof of the Pudding 05-Feb-20 Read
220 The Power of Money 12-Feb-20 Read
221 Routines and Rituals 19-Feb-20 Read
222 Are We Good Stewards? 26-Feb-20 Read
223 The Power of Giving 04-Mar-20 Read
224 Alternate Universe? 11-Mar-20 Read
225 Be Careful What You Wish For 18-Mar-20 Read
226 Empty Spaces 25-Mar-20 Read
227 Brave New World 01-Apr-20 Read
228 Paradigm Shift 08-Apr-20 Read
229 Culturescape 15-Apr-20 Read
230 The Family Business 22-Apr-20 Read
231 The Ultimate Answer 29-Apr-20 Read
232 A Speck of Dust 06-May-20 Read
233 Masters of the Universe 13-May-20 Read
234 The Fact of the Matter 20-May-20 Read
235 The Dimension Paradigm – Part 1 27-May-20 Read
236 The Dimension Paradigm – Part 2 03-Jun-20 Read
237 The Dimension Paradigm – Part 3 10-Jun-20 Read
238 Lost Souls 17-Jun-20 Read
239 Back to the Future 24-Jun-20 Read
240 Silver Lining 01-Jul-20 Read
241 To Be or Not to Be? 08-Jul-20 Read
242 What’s the Difference? 15-Jul-20 Read
243 The Grim Reaper 22-Jul-20 Read
244 Shelf Development 29-Jul-20 Read
245 Wrong Number 05-Aug-20 Read
246 Strands of Time 12-Aug-20 Read
247 ‘My Way’ 19-Aug-20 Read
248 Showing the Way 26-Aug-20 Read
249 The Way Forward 02-Sep-20 Read
250 “Mind the Gap” 09-Sep-20 Read
251 I’m Sorry . . . 16-Sep-20 Read
252 Go Compare . . . 23-Sep-20 Read
253 “For the Avoidance of Doubt . . .” 30-Sep-20 Read
254 October Morning 07-Oct-20 Read
255 Pay it Forward 14-Oct-20 Read
256 The Value of Pi 21-Oct-20 Read
257 Immortal Souls 28-Oct-20 Read
258 “You’ll Catch Your Death . . .” 04-Nov-20 Read
259 Partners in Believing 11-Nov-20 Read
260 State of the Nation 18-Nov-20 Read
261 Practical Philosophy 25-Nov-20 Read
262 Forty-Two 02-Dec-20 Read
263 Finding Freedom 09-Dec-20 Read
264 Conversations with God 16-Dec-20 Read
265 The Ultimate Theme Park 23-Dec-20 Read
266 The Secret of Creation 30-Dec-20 Read
267 One is One 06-Jan-21 Read
268 One is All 13-Jan-21 Read
269 I Feel Free 20-Jan-21 Read
270 Time and Money Freedom? 27-Jan-21 Read
271 The Secret of Success 03-Feb-21 Read
272 Result! 10-Feb-21 Read
273 Sod’s Law! 17-Feb-21 Read
274 Hierarchy of Needs 24-Feb-21 Read
275 Big Brother is Watching You 03-Mar-21 Read
276 Just Passing the Time 10-Mar-21 Read
277 It’s Not Linear 17-Mar-21 Read
278 If Wishes Were Horses 24-Mar-21 Read
279 To Infinity and Beyond! 31-Mar-21 Read
280 Force of Habit 07-Apr-21 Read