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TFL 009

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The Spiral of Life It’s not a ‘circle’ or a ‘wheel’ There are many coaches and the like out there who talk about the ‘circle of life. Dividing your life activities into varying numbers of sectors and then analysing and assessing them to give a ‘score’, often out of 10, for each life area. I’ve seen this done with anything between four and twenty sectors. The process then is more often than not to ‘balance’ these sectors, so they all have the same score and form a circle. Do more of those with a low score and less of those…

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TFL 008

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Communications Breakdown “What we have here is a failure to communicate” “What we have here is a failure to communicate” – Rod Steiger to Sidney Poitier in the 1967 movie ‘In the Heat of the Night’. It is said we live in the ‘communication age’ – well, we may be in an ‘information age’ but there’s not a great deal of communication going on. It’s more of a ‘Tower of Babel’ situation. It seems everyone is talking at once and not many are listening, really listening. The late Steve Shapiro, a sales coach and speaker, described the two magic words…

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TFL 007

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The Decision is Yours But what Happens next? “There is a single mental move you can make which, in a millisecond, will solve enormous problems for you. It has the potential to improve almost any personal or business situation you will ever encounter … and it could literally propel you down the path to incredible success. We have a name for this magic mental activity … it is called DECISION” – Bob Proctor It’s not clear though which comes first, the decision or the choice? For some it’s the choice to decide and for others the decision to choose. The…

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TFL 006

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The Story of Pat and Mick There’s no such thing as a straight line This is a story about Pat and Mick. Pat was a customer of mine when I ran a printing business in Liverpool. I used to typeset and print his newsletter, so I got to know quite a lot about his thinking. Mick was my next door neighbour in Knutsford, and we spent some time in conversation. Pat and Mick had something in common – they were both Professors of Economics, one at Liverpool, the other at Manchester and the European University in Florence. One was economic…

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TFL 005

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Reinventing the World – Part 2 Taking Back Control There are degrees of centralisation and decentralisation. They perhaps overlap a little in the middle but at one extreme is total autocratic control – dictatorship – and at the other anarchy by which I mean absence of any cohesive principle such as  common standard or purpose and the lack of any ‘connection’ between individuals which puts it beyond any form of decentralisation and into simple chaos. Decentralisation is not about a complete lack of order or organisation, more about absence of power and control over individuals by a group of people…

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TFL 004

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Reinventing the World – Part 1 The Story So Far – How did we get to where we are now? From the last two articles you’ll probably have guessed I might be talking about the phenomena of centralisation and decentralisation, and you’ve probably also guessed I’m a proponent of the latter. Many people are talking of decentralisation as something new. In fact its exactly the opposite, Decentralisation is the way things were for millennia but I’m not proposing we go back to the Middle Ages and beyond. Back then, and up until now, it has always seemed centralisation, putting things…

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TFL 003

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The Business Paradigm What is ‘business’ really all about and why has it gone ‘wrong’? ‘Business’ is a term which has many people confused. There are many different ideas about what a business actually IS, what it does and how it operates. The problem arises because there are so many different forms and functions of ‘business’. They range from ‘micro’ one person operations to multi-billion global corporations employing many thousands of people. The media and ‘popular culture’ tend to lump these all together under the one heading – ‘business’. But there are businesses who employ people and those who don’t,…

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TFL 002

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The Enemy of Change? What is it holding us back from incremental and significant change in our society? It’s about time we stopped expecting our elected and unelected politicians to be able to do, fix, or change anything. Having been one, albeit at a low level and not connected with any particular faction or party, I know how difficult it is to make things happen or stop anything happening. You see, we don’t live in a democracy. We may use  some form of democracy to elect our representatives but to whom are they ‘representing’ us? Originally it was to ‘the…

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TFL 001

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Are We Measuring the Wrong Things? And Are We Measuring All We Need? To paraphrase my friend Peter Thomson ‘every action has a corresponding measurement’, Indeed every action we take should be measured – even to the extent without  measuring it’s not worth taking the action. You see unless we measure what we do then we have no idea how effective it is in achieving the result we are looking for. But there is an assumption here which is about what exactly it is which needs to be measured as there are many aspects or options in measurement. As a…

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What’s in a dream?

What’s in a dream? 150 150 Ben Coker

What’s in a Dream? It’s that time of year again when you and I start to think about the ‘new year’ and look back at what has been achieved over the last 365 days. This of course is linear thinking and that may not be the right way to go – but more on that another time. Now if you’ve had any contact with ‘personal development’ – most of which emanates from the United States, you’ll have heard a lot about ‘dreams’. There is of course the all encompassing ‘American Dream’ and there’s Martin Luther King’s “I have a dream” and…

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“Who, Who are you . . . ?”

“Who, Who are you . . . ?” 150 150 Ben Coker

“Who, Who are you . . . ?” Not just the theme to a popular US Crime Soap but a great song by The Who. But it’s also a question that’s likely to crop up quite a lot over the next few weeks as our social activities increase over what our American cousins like to call ‘the Holidays’. “Who are you?” is usually immediately followed by its companion question “What do you do?” to qualify the first enquiry. What most people do is define ‘who’ you are by ‘what you do’ which includes the unasked phrase ‘for a living’. Most…

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I Won’t Do That

I Won’t Do That 150 150 Ben Coker

I Won’t Do That The lyrics of Meatloaf’s song don’t actually cover exactly what is was that he wouldn’t do for love – please correct me if I’m wrong! Outside the realm of those things which are illegal, immoral, unethical, would result in personal injury, or are just plain stupid there seem to be a huge catalogue of things that people ‘won’t do’. “I won’t pay by direct debit” “I won’t change my energy supplier/bank/where I shop” etc. etc. “I won’t give out my phone number/email address” etc. etc. “I won’t answer the phone unless I know who’s calling” “I won’t watch a…

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Know What?

Know What? 150 150 Ben Coker

Know What? It doesn’t matter – pick any topic – you do know about something! Then again . . . Maybe you just think you know or perhaps you’d like to know. Alternatively . . . Maybe you know people who don’t think they need to know or even positively decline to know and refuse to listen. Perhaps you’re aware of people who attempt to prevent others from knowing because they don’t believe others ‘need to know’ or they just want to keep their knowledge secret. And then there are those who insist that others must discard what they knew before, and take on board what they know. But what…

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